Cycling – The Secret of Speed

Like a master chef, if you receive the secret recipe it does not mean you can prepare a gourmet dish
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The greatest lie of endurance training and the relation to Lance Armstrong – Part 1

לינק למאמר זה בעברית כאן

“Coach told me that in order to be a pro I need to train at least 30 hours a week”  or “If you want to run a marathon, better run 130 Km a week” What did Eddy Merckx mean by “Ride Lots.”? Yehuda Gershoni: “Junior rider (age 17-18) should ride20 […]

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The Biggest Lie of Endurance Sports and the Lance Armstrong Affair – Part 4

“The best tests are those that are made outside of the laboratory, constructed by qualified physiologists

Who understand the specific sport and its requirements”. Paulo Saldnaha 2010.

“At the Montreal Olympic (1976), Australia did not win a single medal, in the attempt to change this situation,  the Australian government established a national system of state based sport institutes.

The Barcelona […]

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The biggest lie of endurance training Part 3

A Good physiologist probably Do not need to do an urine or blood Test, to know whether the athlete is cheating or not, He needs only to analyze the annual training plan and racing and most of all - TESTS/RACING Results. Nothing more The human body is simple, Drugs testing designated probably For Lawyers ….
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An athlete’s mental state and its importance during training “Like Three Little Fonzies” ? (Control, Chaos & Psychology)

Yes, maybe it is good for a "motivator" type of coach or a coach on a reality show, however, in real training with a purposeful goal, it is important to know that when one fails to make the interval, and continues with the "head in the wall" mentality, that the training changes and can no longer achieve the training aspects (both physical and mental) that were designed as part of the program.
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The greatest lie of endurance training and the relation to Lance Armstrong – Part 2

So To Whom should endurance trainings can be good and Efective ? ....You'll be surprised to hear that there are also world class athletes that struggle with this issue
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Training Masters & Elite Athletes, Balance & control (in Sport & Life)

Elad Faltin on Friday, July 8, 2011
Watt & PowerTraining >>>Get out of the BOX !
Most of the Text books, coaching theories, and even research papers in the sports sciences, are usually (but not always) based on accomplished or professional athletes. Nevertheless, it appears that the field of training Masters sports has developed greatly in the […]

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Intensity Training Vs. Endurance Training

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How Did PowerTraining Started ?

At 2007 I started use power meter for training (power-tap wheel). With that tool I discover a all new world of training ,and not only at cycling, base on power-output – even for children (without a power meter of course). In the Gym we developed an all new perspective of training base on efficiently and […]

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