At 2007 I started use power meter for training (power-tap wheel). With that tool I discover a all new world of training ,and not only at cycling, base on power-output – even for children (without a power meter of course). In the Gym we developed an all new perspective of training base on efficiently and specific training depend of Athlete need, goal, & limitation.

Because most of our Athletes are working people which don’t have enough time to train, We needed to find the best way to give them the most quality time in training, and to aim more on intensity & Technique and less on mileage.At 2009 we succeeded to get the best prove for our method is working when an elite Cyclist who train with us won the national elite Championship with only 12-14 weekly hours (142 km elite race).

He is also a working family man at the age of 34.

At summer 2010 I had the privilege to visit – “PowerWatts Center at Montreal Canada who build by Paulo Saldanha – who is the mastermind behind PowerWatts Training & System. At this visit I discover a all new world of Quality Training.

Philosophic concepts:

  1. Training is Fun – Even if training is hard try to do it as a Game
  2. Learn to ride slow before riding fast.
  3. Technique before speed, before strength, before endurance.

There is a big Different between being a cyclist’s & a Triathlon’s Coach &…To be the same Coach for Masters Athlete… It is A Completely Different Story

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