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<strong>How Much do your Vo2Max Need 2 B ?</strong><br />
2B on top 11 in the Flèche Wallonne 2017 (after finishing 200 km of racing…..). As in previous times we just  log in to Strava And check some of our Friends Segments. So this time we check <strong>Mike Woods Power Data</strong> ></p>
<p style=Mike Woods from Canada (Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling Team) enter the climb after 200 Km of racing and hit 526 Watts – for 3:21 min on a 1.2K climb (10% average) – this was his second attempt he climb this hill. In the first attempt woods only rode it on 388 watts and 4:20 min .


if you are playing with Strava  you can Check other data such as “where he “was”most of the race 2:47 at “rec” zone of less than 209 watts.

So does it means that a Master rider like me (4.5 watts/Kg) can stay in the race for 2 hours ?

Ammm > in 1 word – No. In two Words > Really Not !
It means that Woods was also (as many other riders) sitting in the draft, inside the Peleton and almost 120 min he was riding in Zone above 285 Watts.

The average power (Not |Normalize Power) was 279 Watts .My Guessing that Np was Roughly 325-340 watts (which is somewhere my personal 7-8 min personal best when i am really optimistic and in my best form = 5.2w/kg).


Don’t try to analyze mistakenly in the above that woods Tempo Is 286-342 Watts – this is Statistically tables only.

I asume that you can add 10-15 watt more for every aerobic Zone and 30-70 watts for the higher zones.