2014 (By Elad Faltin)

many elements mentioned in the article are based on POWERWATTS principles

Old vs. New Training Methods

Old school training is not a bad thing at all. It’s just not a tool that is good enough and accurate to build up a solid personalized training plan. In any sport where speed is important, speed is first and foremost derived from the athletes power to weight ratio.

Old School Typical Concepts (below)


PowerTraining – New Training Methods



The endurance principle is not present in the model above, not because we ignore it, we just relate to it in a different paradigm. And, yes we do think that in order to develop better endurance you need to work first on foundation and basic elements (which I mention above on the left: coordination/technique/strength/speed etc). We see endurance as a secondary asset, regardless if you are a professional or an amateur.

In the training model above: *emply lab

A) * > Aerodynamic – is an important element to improve speed, but more important is the final speed – the end result. Therefore, you need to improve your aerodynamics not on the expense of your efficiency (strength, fatigue and more…). Your aerodynamic position on your bike may resemble David Miller’s position, but you will ride less efficiently because you have 20% less power. Always Look for your best effective position on your own bike. This is actually the principle of ‘ specificity.

B) **>Weight, specificity again, for example the difference between a sprinter and a climber or a flat and uphill TT, is not as much the difference between fat%, but the proportion of different muscles fibers and different body types of riders.

C) *** Recovery, is not mentioned because it’s built inside the Training Plan. Balance is needed between hard Intensity efforts which lead into fatigue (or greater fatigue) & from that output, balance and a effective recovery plan are needed for an athlete to be ready for another Intensity work out. Good balance between hard training and fatigue = Better fitness.

Now that you know what the secret of speed is,  do you actually know what to do with it?

Like a master chef, if you receive the secret recipe it does not mean you can prepare a gourmet dish, it means you have the most basic tools to start learning. If you are looking for help to assemble your dish to ride fast, feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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