The “Concepts” (Not by chance we chose this sentence):

Power Is Useless With Out Control

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Power Is Useless With Out Control


PowerTraining Intervals Are not just Hammering Your Pedals for 5-10-15-20 min and then recover & do it again. Is to Know how To Spin it in the best Balance, Economic  and Effective way. Pedaling Technique Is only one Concept for better Efficiency, the same as in Running, Swimming and almost any Other Sport which reflect directly on Athlete’s Achievements.

PowerTraining Intervals Teaching you How to Control Your Racing Rhythm, if it’s a TT Race, Classic, Triathlon competition or an IronMan (& it Could be also A friends Sunday Ride).

Our Training plan are build Specifically And accordingly to improve your Limitation for better Results. For that we need To Evaluate Your Fitness with the  suitable Tests   which reflect your goal, Weekly amount of time and Finess Level. Training can be adjusted to every Level, whether you want to start losing Weight & start racing Cat 5, or if you are trying to reach the criteria

for the World Master Championship. After an initial evaluation a suitable protocol will move you toward it.

 As most of our athletes are working people which don’t have enough time for training, we looked for the best way to give them the most quality training and to focus more on intensity & technique and less on mileage.


you can only accomplish this by using a power meter…At 2009 we succeeded to get the best proof that our method is working when an elite Cyclist that train with us won the national elite Championship. *He was training using our methods only 12-14 weekly hours. The following Year (2010) Still as an amateur who is working full time job and train only 12 hoursa week he succeed to finish, without too much of a specific preparation a 5 days UCI 2.2 Tour.

 I think one of Our best Way to explain our Training Methoed Is to watch Our 3 Movie Clips (and there are more):

1 ForestGump is learning the Differeent between Intesity Vs Milage.

Most of the Text books, coaching theories, and even research papers in the sports sciences, are usually (but not always) based on accomplished or professional athletes. Nevertheless, it appears that the field of training Masters sports has developed greatly in the last 10 — 15 years. The definition of a ‘masters athlete’ is not so much about biological age. A masters athlete can also be a 22 year old guy who works 8-9 hours a day, but likes sports and competes in races. It has nothing to do with his level of achievements or fitness, it is more a matter of definition – how he perceives himself as an athlete. There are Elite athletes competing in the highest levels in the world while working almost full time (or half time), and there are masters athletes working half-time job and training in very high intensities and volumes, almost like pros.

2. Neo (Matrix) is Starting to understand that to be stronger it’s Just not Enough.

The Secret of Powertrainig is 2Know how to control your Power & speed  to Increase your Efficiency.

The bottom line is – If you want to run or ride faster,endurance training and long distances won’t make you faster. Intensity will, practicing pace and control – definitely will. However, in case you’re doing it with inadequate technique, lacking flexibility, and excessive weight, don’t expect not to get injured.

” Do you _belive_ that my being stronger or faster has anything”

Stay well and train wise.

3. Kermiss Races In Belguim – How you can Finish Them ? (or win them) – Racing The Highest Level – How To do it Right & Better ?

There is a big Different between being a cyclist’s & a Triathlete Coach &… To be the same Coach for Masters Athlete… It is A Completely Different Story

How Did Power-Training Start ?

At 2007 I started use power meter for training (power-tap wheel). With that tool I discover a all new world of training ,and not only at cycling, base on power-output – even for children (without a power meter of course).

In the Gym we developed an all new perspective of training base on efficiently and specific training depend of Athlete need, goal, & limitation.

Because most of our Athletes are working people which don’t have enough time to train, We needed to find the best way to give them the most quality time in training, and to aim more on intensity & Technique and less on mileage.

At 2009 we succeeded to get the best prove for our method is working when an elite Cyclist who train with us won the national elite Championship with only 12-14 weekly hours (142 km elite race). He is also a working family man at the age of 34.

At summer 2010 I had the privilege to visit – “PowerWatts Center at Montreal Canada who build by Paulo Saldanha – who is the mastermind behind PowerWatts Training & System. At this visit I discover a all new world of Quality Training.


Professional Experience:

1999-2008 Elite Level Cyclist (MTB & Road)

2007 –Elite Level Coach.

2007-2010 – Cycling Head Coach at Wingate institute (Israel’s National sport Academy)

2005-–Owner & Manager of Momentum cycling Club – Cycling, running & Triathlon

2011 – Founder & Owner PowerTraining – Watt Training For All

**2008 – Cycling Career (as cyclist) stopped after a bad accident.

since than more occupied at develop new training method for elite athletes and advance Masters Who sick for personal Training at the highest

Level There is today.


Education authority;

1999- BA at middle Eastern Study & Islam.

2007 – Senior Trainers Course – College Wingate.

2006 – Cycling Coaches Course. Wingate institute (Israel’s National sport Academy)

2007 – Triathlon Coaches Course. Wingate institute (Israel’s National sport Academy)

2010 – “PowerWatts Seminar” – Premier Studio – Montreal Quebec Canada

With Paulo Saldanha – Founder of PowerWatts™, Paulo is the mastermind

behind the training prescription and development of the system which i had the privilege 2learn about

PowerWatts has A big Influence on How Power Training Is looking Today.

2016 – PowerWatts TLV – First Powerwatts center outside North America