Our TrainingPlan Based on Time, Goal, current Fitness, %Body Fat, Specificly on your personal Variables (not a ”Copy/Paste” Sheet…), Power-output and any other Limitation that needs to be Evaluate & improve.

personal training plan

personal training plan

Our Training Plan are given weekly /two weeks / Monthly (accordingly to Athlete Level, Preference and Convenience).



 Personal Training Plan Include:

– Resistance Training (Gym/Core/Free Weight/Pilates) (1-3 times a week) Different   Athletes – Different Resistance Plan.

– Stretching and Flexibility assessment.

-Unlimited Email or Phone call (more than 3 in a week so something its un-clear  and we should fix it).

We works with the highest-End Products there are in the Market…Still, we think much more important is the quality of work and  the quality of Communication between the coach and the Athlete .

Our Training plan are build Specifically And accordingly to improve your Limitation for better Results. For that we need To Evaluate Your Fitness with the  suitable Tests   which reflect your goal, Weekly amount of time and Finess Level. Training can be adjusted to every Level, whether you want to start losing Weight & start racing Cat 5, or if you are trying to reach the criteria

Training Plan Coaching Fee :

CYCLING – Email us

RUNNING – Email us

MULTI-SPORT – Email us  

972523541563  For more Information – elad.bike@gmail.com

 – or on skype – elad12346

FaceBook – Elad Faltin

Keep Up the Balance – (Don’t Be so Serious…

It will make you slow)

 Remember – Racing is a state of Mind Not Level Of Fitness