Sunday proved to be the start of a wonderful and then crazy 2 days of cycling.

Finished 11th in a pro critirium and first place in cat3 >

(cat 3 = slow elites who can just sit on the pros’ wheels). Again what makes these races challenging is keeping speed up and knowing when to use your power.

Doing intervals using Powertraining method is the EXACT same Rhythm that exists in the race. Ended up being in a chase break, getting yelled at for not pulling which is always nice but I pulled through enough by the end.

Actually won some money, $65 to be exact. The best part of winning that money was getting to hang around for the organizers to pay because the best (Pros) riders were there while everyone else left.

Some people told me I was strong bla bla bla, and I went home feeling like I had watermelons between my legs.

On Monday it was reported that a guy I race against returned a positive test for EPO. Its really sad that an amateur feels the need to dope.

All Cyclists believe they are pros and with easy access to drugs I guess some tell themselves its ok. Maybe local races were just too hard for him… In the end he has to live with himself, although I am not sure that’s a problem. He Is already convinced himself that doping is ok

Avarege Speed For Winners – 46 KmH~~

Avarege Speed For 10-11 places – 44.5 KmH~~

Event 4 – Pro 1/2/3

First Name Last Name Team Time

1 Nick Keough www.keoughcyclocross.com 1:48:27 1

2 Evan Huff J.A.M. Fund / NCC 0:00:00 2

3 Wayne Bray Embrocation Cycling Journal 0:00:00 3

4 Brad Warren J.A.M FUND / NCC 0:00:00 4

5 Ron Larose iii Aetna Cycling Team p/b Charlescoach 0:00:00 5

6 Luciano Bezerra navone studios/greenwood floors 0:00:00 6

7 Jared Bunde GS Mengoni USA 0:00:00 7

8 Jelle Stoop Aetna Cycling Team p/b Charlescoach 0:00:00 8 Teammate Top 5: Ron Larose iii

9 Adam Sullivan Embrocation Cycling Journal 0:00:00 9 Teammate Top 5: Wayne Bray

10 Monte Frank Verge Sport/Test Pilot 0:01:38 Off The Back

11 Omri Roden “The Bicycle Depot 0:01:38 Off The Back

12 Jeremy Brazeal CVC Subaru of New England 0:01:59 Off The Back

13 Skip Foley Ata Cycles lap Off The Back

Last year -> 88.18kg with 321w 20 min -> 3.64 w/kg

Today -> 78kg with 336w 20min -> 4.30

In one year without the improvement in technique and speed written up I improved ——-> 16.7%

2012/06/17: Harlem Crit Men’s 2/3 Field from Team Health Warrior on Vimeo.

My 4th month of training with PowerTraining –

By Mark Imba NY Us

I’d like to take a moment to thank my coach Elad Faltin, for getting me closer to my athletic goals I had set for myself for the 2012 season. I am currently a Category 4 racer in New York City and I have been a member of the CRCA for 3 years.

Mark is on the left (yellow Jerssy)

I started training seriously 2 years ago, and I mainly used heart rate and Joe Friel’s type of training, which is based on big doses of aerobic work outs.

Last year I decided to invest in a Power Tap Meter and started using power in my workouts. Again the style of training was still very similar to Joe Friel’s book, Training Bible.

I even purchased some training programs designed byHunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, who are experts in the USA for training with power. Well the results I obtained over the 2 years were relatively small (5% maximum increase overall on all Critical Power measurements).

After some time and many conversations with my friend, I decided to work with Elad this year starting in May. My friend by the way was a lowly Cat 5 racer when we both started racing. He is currently a very strong Cat 3 racer with many top 10 finishes. I am currently going into my 4th month of training with PowerTraining, and I am extremely happy with our partnership and plan on continuing to train with him for years to come. His approach to power training is completely unique and his experience in racing has become extremely valuable to me in my races. I can go on and on, but I’ll let the numbers do all the talking.

1 minute > CP: Best 405W    Current 474W (17% increase)

5 minute > CP: Best 276W    Current 281W (4% increase)

20 minute > CP: Best 240W    Current 257W (7% increase)

60 minute > CP: Best 187W    Current 216W (15.5% increase)

What does this really mean to me ?

Bridging gaps, getting into breakaways, staying with the lead group for longer,racing out of my category with much stronger riders, making the podium!

Mark Inaba