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POWERbreathe K5

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Quick Overview

Elite breathing training for individuals who's goal it is to be at the top of their game.
The POWERbreathe K4 is an advanced model with additional K4 Breathe-Link software you can maximise breathing performance by monitoring and analysing training and test results on screen. The K4 with Breathe-Link software takes the guesswork out of your training.
Main features of the K4 live feedback Breathe-Link PC Software:

    • Allows a maximum of 10 user profiles and 1200 stored sessions per user
    • Breathe-Link Import and Export feature
  • Breathe-Link PC Graphical View

– See more at: http://www.powerbreathe.com/powerbreathe-k4-downloadable#sthash.7iudpPfA.dpuf



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